Sunday, 8 July 2012

Body Shop Eyeliner

I don't usually use products from the Body Shop so was looking forward to Julys InStyle magazine which had 2 free eyeliner pencils. One in  black and one in  French Navy.
Definitely my colours and on first inspection the colour pigments were perfect.

I used this for a liner on both my top and bottom lash line.
Not bad on application, dragged a little, but I have used a lot worse. Once my eye make up was finished, I was really pleased with the look these pencils gave me. They defined really well, and once again, I loved the colour pigmentation of both.
After a couple of hours though, the product had flaked a fair bit from my bottom lash line, and I had watery red eyes. I was so disappointed as I really wanted to like these pencils. The colour had smudged so bad, and unfortunately I was at work, so found myself checking the mirror every 30 minutes or so to wipe away the excess.
Was perfect for my top lash line so I will keep and use them both, but they wont be going anywhere near my bottom lash line.
What are your suggestions for a fool proof, flake free eyeliner


  1. Interesting! I only use liner on my bottom lashes so will be staying away from these! X

    1. I was so disappointed as they are lovely colours xx


    this one :).