Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sole Sister Foot Scrub

So, autumn is well and truly upon us now and I have promised myself that even though they won't be on show to the outside world for a while, I am definitely going to continue to look after my feet over the next few months. Hopefully this will avoid any panic when/if we get an odd sunny day next spring and summer whereby the flip flops can't come out due to the state of my trotters :))

My foot exfoliation of choice would obviously be walking along a beautiful white sandy beach in The Maldives, however as this won't be happening this year, I picked up some Sole Sister Foot Scrub whilst doing the weekly shop in Sainsbury's. 

I've had my eye on the Dirty Works range for a while now and this is my first purchase from them.
I couldn't believe the price - its on offer at the moment for £1.49 (usually £2.99) for 100 ml.

The foot scrub is packed with loads of finely ground pumice and like many foot products, it has a mint scent.
The pumice feels quite course, but this is just what I need from a foot scrub.
I normally use a dollop of this a couple of times a week, massaging into each foot, paying attention to the heels before showering.
Once out of the shower I follow with a foot file and lashings of foot cream which seems to do the trick for me.

This has most definitely impressed me enough to try some other products from the Dirty Works range.

How about you - are you familiar with this range? What have you tried from Dirty Works?

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